14 August 2005

Photo op

I need pictures!
I was looking through my photos and realized that I am lacking photos of a lot of my friends. So, I am officially requesting that my friends email or regular mail me photos of themselves. My email addy is in my profile. If you happen to know for a fact that I don't have a photo of you, PLEASE send me one. If you're worried that we really aren't that tight and you don't think I want your photo, you're wrong. If you're reading this and I don't know you, I don't need any photos. Really.
Chris, Ritzy, and Nama, I have tons of you, and Kimbolicious, I've got a few of you too, but you're welcome to send more. I have a few with Kat and Em, but they're ghetto. Ward directory photos don't count, I still have my old directory. Please ya'll?

Thanks bunches!

P.S. If I don't get any, I'll probably cry. No pressure.


Jay said...

Did you just call Kat and Em Ghetto ???

Erika said...

There was this one time that Jon posted a picture of me on his website. You can just copy that one if you want to.

Tiff said...

You have the one of Erika and I from her blog. Do you want another?

Nessa said...

That one's good, but you're always welcome to send more ;)

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