16 August 2005


Another random hair blog.

I've spent the last 6 months patiently growing my highlights out and my hair is finally 93% my natural color...

...and I think I want to lighten it again. But like really really blond. You know?

Geez. It's days like these that being a girl is rough. I start buying tons of mags and being extra-grumpy and craving lots of cheese and nearly giving in to the urge to over-tweeze.

Who knows? Next week I'll probably go all Reese on ya'll.

"Fickle, fickle, fickle..."


Jena said...

Don't do it!!! Don't do really blonde, I BEG you!!!!!

Tiff said...

What about honey colored?
I think I want to go my natural color - but darker than most see due to my highlights.

Erika said...

Well, I really can't discourage coloring hair. I say do whatever you want. Because you can always change it.
I also have to say that it's really cool that you know your natural color. That must be a nice thing to know.

Nama said...

do it, leah! i'll cut my hair, and you can go blonder than blonde! it'll be fun!

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