04 August 2005

Useless Information

Since I'm sure ya'll are dying to know (yeah right)...
This is more or less what my hair looks like.
(Jon, my love, I only cut a few inches inches off.)
Actually this is more, rather than less, what my hair looks like.
Well... this is nearly exactly the same.
But I think mine's prettier.
Cuz mine's a li'l bit darker.
And tons shinier.
And I think I'm prettier.

Not that I'm vain or anything.

Well, maybe I am.

Deal with it.


Em said...

Wow! VERY pretty hair! Good work!

Jon said...

Whew! THAT . . . . was a CLOSE one!

Kirsten said...

I like feeling pretty. and I like buying new clothes.

kat said...

i like hair.
but only when it's on my head.
not when it's in my food.

Nama said...

now that's a hair-raising (ha! a pun!) fight i'd like to see: kate v leah, (& yeah, you'd definitely win. hotter & better hair=nessa)

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