28 September 2005


I'm in a really really good mood today! Even after spending two hours this morning ringing up flip flops in a thrift store. The organization I work for has 3 thrift stores and they need extra help and I need extra cash. So I'm gonna be filling in a few mornings a week through October. And it really isn't that bad except it's really dusty. And I got 3 big mosquito bites on my freshly shaved legs. And now I am on my way to my normal job looking exceptionally hot, except for the three huge red welts on my left leg. And I could put on long pants, but my skirt is too cute to take off. Oh well. My hair looks good.


zona boy said...


hopefully Tucson

Accidental Web Tourist said...

Don't mention mosquito bites to me! I've just got back from the Indian sub continent, where any bite there is malaria or denuge fever waiting to happen!

Nice blog though!

Windscreen Fly said...

There's nothing "sad" about being more concerned about blotchy freshly shaved legs...as a young female I would have expected nothing less! :)

zona boy said...

cute skirt, shaved legs, nice hair, and those eyes. you're right. a destination. one of those all inclusive resorts

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