30 September 2005

Confession #5 ?

Kinda like Mambo #5 but not really.

Any-who, my confession is this:

I don't know how to wear brown.

I recently bought brown pants and a brown skirt, but I'm taking them back because I have no idea what to do with them. I tried them on with every single shirt that I own, but nothing seems to work. Especially since I'm really into green right now, but brown + green = shrubbery. And don't even get me started on the shoe issue. I do have 2 pairs of brown shoes and some brown flip flops, but they don't get much use. I bought the shoes to go with brown pants I bought last fall, but I had to get rid of the beautiful royal blue shirt I wore them with because it faded after a few washes and now my choices seem so limited.

It's really weird.

I can pull off black or grey or yellow or fuschia-everyday with or without tangerine or lime green stilettos with a turquoise sweater or greens or purples or even royal blue (and sometimes all-together), but brown is like trying to learn a language that I've never heard anyone speak. At least now I know I won't dye my hair brown.

I give up.

At least I saved my receipt.


k@ said...

i love brown. i live from brown.
especially with green.
i guess i love shrubbery too.

ann-marie said...

i tried on some brown shirts the other day and am not totally convinced that i can pull off brown. so i didn't buy them. but i did buy a really cute blue shirt instead!

nama said...

brown with red is TOTALLY hot! also, i love wearing the right brown with the right black. and the right shade of green with work with brown, too. just call me, girl. i'll teach you!

Leah Vanessa said...

I called my sister who has a degree in fashion design. I kept the skirt because it is BEAUTIFUL and took back the pants because the cut of the pockets was UGLY, even though the lines of the pants were pretty good overall. She said I just need to buy more turquoise. So I did. I bought a beautiful silk and cashmere turquoise sweater ...and a tan silk skirt. Crisis averted. Now for the shoes...

Beth said...

Turquoise is definitely a good idea with brown! They balance so well. If in doubt though, I'd say go tone on tone, different shades of brown.

For the shoes, I'd say either go for either some evil looking tan stilettos, or and go for knee high boots (I had to drag myself out of a shop the other day to stop myself from buying some turquoise ones I fell madly in love with).

Its a great blog you've got here...I'll keep checking in!

Leah Vanessa said...

Hooray! I have evil-looking tan stilettos! *laughs wickedly*

Erika said...

Um, pink goes fantastically with brown. Of course it does. It's pink.
And in Martha Steward weddings magazine, brown and spring green are in.
Today at lunch we discussed that brown is the new black. Totally serious.

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