25 October 2005

crack kills.

Thanks a lot Kat.
I decided to look into this whole "Lost" thing and now I'm a freaking addict.
I picked up a DVD with the first few episodes one night while I was in the video store and next thing I knew, my whole family was in on this addiction and my brother-in-law came home with the whole 1st season he'd borrowed from a friend.
And all we do with our free time is watch "Lost."
We've finally caught up on all the episodes and I'm DYING for tomorrow's new episode. I even missed Law and Order tonight because I was busy doing Lost catch-up. You know it's serious when I miss Law and Order on purpose.
Best show on television.
I'm a junkie.


k@ said...

yes!! i'm insanely into it.

bad news: there's not a new episode for like 3 more weeks.
BUT supposedly someone's going to die next episode.

p.s. i missed your blog last week.

Tiff said...

Hey, I LOVE this show. It's taken over my life but I've had to set it to the side while I try to complete my one and only huge paper of this semester.
...of course right now I'm at the library NOT working on the paper...I'll go before I further incriminate myself. ;)

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