07 October 2005

small change

I was robbed today.

For the 2nd time in my life.
The first time was August 2, 2001.
My first day as a missionary in Ohio.
I got robbed in a town called Lima.
It's really really small.
So was the amount of money they took.
I only had $5.

Today I got robbed while shopping for brocade with my mom.
I went out to my car and noticed the door was unlocked and that the first aid kit that I keep in the glovebox was sitting on the seat.
Whoever it was went through my whole car, as things were in disarray.
All they got was the $1.50 in my cup holder.
Stupid suckers.
Apparently they didn't need first aid.
Or an ice scraper.
Here's a tip: Don't rob the dirtiest car in the parking lot.
If I'm too poor to go to a car wash, there probably won't be anything worth stealing in my car.
I don't even leave CD's in my car anymore because this state has such a high auto theft rate.
Cars can be replaced. Mix CD's are sacred.
They left my air freshener (thank goodness) and my registration, but my mom's address is on my registration, so I told her to lock her doors tonight.
I was pretty peeved.
They could at least try to rob ME, not just rip my car off when I wasn't looking.
Chicken-$h!t suckers.
Bring it.


martin said...

So was it $5.00 or $1.50?

Leah Vanessa said...

$5 the first time. $1.50 this time. And 3 bobby pins, so I think it might've been a girl.

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