19 November 2005

Chocolate is my boyfriend

I've been having a stereotypical girl weekend. The problem is that all my girlfriends are out of state. I went to buy face wash yesterday and ended up with 3 new eyeshadow colors, a new lip gloss, and delicious rosemary mint soap. Not to mention the 3 different lotions I tried on. Tonight, my poor visiting teachers had to listen to me rant and rave about my life's mission to help the masses discover their true beauty. And today was the first time in, well, I don't know how long, that I actually missed having a boyfriend. Or at the very least, a cuddle buddy. Instead I curled up with a chick flick and a snicker's bar. It's all good though, tomorrow I'm going to help my sister figure out how to style her disastrous new haircut. That should set everything to rights.


k@ said...

get your own boyfriend.
chocolate is mine.

FRQSTR=18788745|18788745|18788745|18788745|18788745 said...

Ahhh ... boyfriends. You don't need them, love.

Kay Richardson said...

Woh! That isn't my name after my last comment. There are far too many numbers in it.

Ray Kichardson said...

If Snickers fails you, try absorbing Vodka through your eyes. I hear it's a kicker.

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