27 March 2006

Still kicking

No ya'll, I didn't die. I've just been really busy with work and haven't had an opportunity to borrow a computer and post until now. My work has been emotionally draining lately so I've just been taking it easy so I don't get stressed out.

♦ I'm registering for Toni and Guy Academy this Saturday and I'll be starting school in May.
♦ When I start school, I'll have to wear all white 3 days a week. I've been shopping for cute white clothes and learning how to make them look cool with out looking like an orderly in a psych ward.
♦ I'm still going to do the DV Walk next month, I just haven't had much time for fundraising lately. So if you love me, click the link from my previous post and pledge $5. Please.
♦ I'm trying to put together a presentation on Domestic Violence to present to the women in my sister's ward (congregation). She's so excited about it she's trying to invite her whole stake (several congregations) but I told her to chill out and let me get the hang of it first.
♦ I've sent HBO several emails about their new show "Big Love" and how inappropriate it is. From the standpoint that it gives people false information about the LDS church, which does not practice polygamy, and that it is turning a form of domestic violence into entertainment. My shelter has been specifically trained to take in women trying to escape polygamous relationships. And we've had some very interesting and eye opening experiences in doing so. These women have been abused. It's not entertaining. If you agree, email HBO and tell them so. If you need ideas on what to say, ask me. Ya'll know I've always got something to say.

That's pretty much it right now. My life is straightforwardly boring. When I start school I'll have a whole new crop of people to observe and crack on, so my posts will hopefully get better.



Em said...

Hurray for Leah going to an awesome school! You are the coolest!!

Kimberly said...

I've missed you!!! I am so excited that you get to go to school. You have worked so hard to make it happen.

I loved reading this blog because the South in you comes out a bit every time you write. I miss it! No one in my ward is from the South. It's so sad. :(

nama said...

ummm, i love you. lots.

and amen on the hbo/"big love" thing! i emailed them, too.

and what's wrong looking like you work in a pysch ward? i mean, you don't live with your mom anymore, but is there really that big of a difference? ;)

kat said...

i adore you.
if you ever need some hair to experiment with, i am totally willing to drive down to arizona.
just fyi.

Marin said...

Have you actually watched Big Love?

Leah Vanessa said...

Watching the show won't change my mind, I can guarantee that. Trust me, I'm a reasonably open minded person except when it comes to abuse. And no matter how entertaining they make this show, it doesn't change that fact that they're showcasing an abusive family situation as entertainment. It's wrong. Don't make me write a huge blog about this. 'Cuz I will.

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