16 February 2006

To copy Em, here are my favorite text messages.

12.25 Kayla
I wanted to send you something amazing sexy and beautiful for Christmas but the postman told me to get my butt out of the mailbox! Merry Christmas!
1.03 Em
I love you. You know that. I'm pretty lucky to have you as a friend too!
1.10 Ritz
Don't you throw your bosom in my face Rose Nylen.
1.21 Jon
Your lips look wrinkled. Do you want me to press them?
1.21 Kayla
Is your daddy a baker? Cuz your buns are hot.
1.25 Jon
Your mama's so fat that she fell in love and broke it.
1.26 Em
You're Gretel playing in that gingerbread house and that old lady's gonna push you in the oven!
1.29 Kayla
Is your last name Visa? Cuz you're everywhere I want to be.
2.01 Nama
You don't have to take that from no punk-ass crab!
2.06 Kayla
We must/we must/we must increase our bust/the bigger the better/the tighter the sweater/the boys depend on us!
2.09 Kayla
If I told you you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?
2.12 Kayla
Stress: when your body says no and your mouth says, sure I would love to.
2.13 Nama
Give him a pair of cement shoes and feed him to the fishies.
2.13 Nama
Thankfully you gots the brain power to do him in first.
2.13 Nama
Oh Leah, how I miss you...
2.13 Nama
Too bad I'm more broke than your mom's floor.
2.14 Kayla
Happy forced appreciation day. But the appreciation I have for you is pure and holy. Because I love you.


Asian Lep said...

My favorite text:
"goodnight my k-pop princess"


Penny said...

1.29 Kayla
Is your last name Visa? Cuz you're everywhere I want to be.

LOL!! I am gonna use that, if that's okay!

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