28 May 2006

Did you know?

Telling a girl she reminds you of your mom isn't a compliment?

That it's up there with getting ma'am-ed?

That telling a girl she reminds you of your sister, cousin, aunt, greasy granny, anyone you're related to, is a huge turn-off?

It's pretty much the creepiest thing you can say to a girl who you're interested in having a relationship with.

On the other hand, if she likes you and the feelings aren't mutual and you need to shake her fast, there's no better tactic out there.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from Leah Vanessa.


Em said...

It's a good thing we've got you around. That PSA was the most useful one I've seen in a long time. Good work.

Jon said...

Brilliant! I've never heard of a better turn-off!

imperfect said...

hey i agree with u!! its like so creepy

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