27 May 2006


If you come to me for a haircut and request the "wedge," you're out of luck. It's the only haircut I've jacked up since I started school, but I really really jacked it up. Luckily my client was a mannequin. One of my classmates has a mannequin that's a little "strong" looking, I refer to it as her "Tranny Manny." It has a receding hairline. I've done reasonably well so far on all my haircuts, but this one really got the best of me. I thought I was the only one until my instructor went to check everyone's work and 8 out of 9 of us had jacked it in one way or another. It was stressful. So I did a little of what I call "creative camouflage" and made it look like a really cool asymmetrical cut. After I styled it all punk, you couldn't really tell that the layers on one side were like 2 inches shorter, and if you looked closely enough, you'd think I did it on purpose. And mine has long sweepy punk bangs. Not dumb bangs like on that website. She likes it like that. Never fear, I'll get to try it again in a few weeks. And trust me, I'm gonna get that junk right. I mean, look at her before...

She turned out alright. This was a couple of haircuts before the wacky wedgie. The one after this was a big 'ol round local news broadcaster haircut. Hey man, I don't pick 'em, I just do what they tell me to.

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Beth said...

That Wedge cut is just ugly! I'm sure what you did is about a billion times better!

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