21 May 2006

I'm a Dork

For real tho'...

I love school.
I'm the kid who showed up an hour early on her first day.
The kid who asks the teacher lots of questions and tries to be the first one with the answer.
The one who raises her hand in class.
Who studies on her lunch break.
Who does all her homework and studies for her tests.
Who gloated when after the rude kid in her theory class made a snide comment about her intelligence, the rude kid failed the test and the smart kid had the second highest score in the class. (Next time I'll be first.)
The kid who reviews the techniques the night before.
The kid who passes every technique the first time.
And sometimes in record speed. (But not always.)
The kid who when she made her first mistake (on Saturday) and her instructor told her not to fix it, and just move on, took the time to ask some technical questions about potential outcomes and how to fix mistakes in the future and came out of the mistake feeling more confident about her cutting abilities.
The over achiever.
The teacher's pet.

In high school I was lucky if I made it to school 3 days out of the week. Homework never happened. But, neither did graduation.

I'm trying to figure out where this person came from. I think it must be the whole, the more I study, the better I'll be, the more money I'll make, thing. Maybe it's because the director of the school said something about the potential to make $2000.00 a day on the weekends. Maybe high school students just need more incentive.

Just in case you couldn't tell, I love it. Truly.


kat said...

does this mean i can start calling you a nerd? or should i just stick with hair goddess?

Leah Vanessa said...

Nerdy-ish Hair Goddess

nama said...

awww! my little girl is all grown up!

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