03 June 2006

I rocked a Chick-hawk today. It looked kinda like this:

But mine needs work. Hey man, it was my first time. In other news, I won the week-long "Best Blow Dry Style" Competition in my class. This means that every time I did my tranny manny's hair from last Saturday to today, I rocked more than everyone else. As soon as my instructor announced the competition, I got down to business. I won a TIGI S-Factor Modern Camcorder Blowdryer. It's really cool, but I couldn't find any pictures of it on online. It looks like a tall thin diffuser and kinda like an old fashioned milk bottle. It has a strap on the side and you hold it like a camcorder (no handle). It's sweet!


kat said...

wearing the chick-hawk, feeling the flow. working it.
working it.

Brandi Johnson said...

You are amazing!
Can you call me?
I need to talk to you.

nama said...

that's HOT!

Dilly said...


And I am so glad you're back and enjoying school. YOu are making me drool, I want to go to school with you and stress over a wedge cut, I always wanted to be a stylist! I'll live vicariously through your posts....

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