09 July 2006


The Universe must've been mad at me for not doing my hair. The last two weeks have been rotten. Besides all the things I told you about, my week ended with these really gross things: the family cat has been very sick and a large lump on her back has turned into a huge oozing sore and she's skin and bones and luckily she's finally going to the vet tomorrow. Yesterday during my very first real live haircut on a person, I cut a mean gash in my middle finger with my samurai-sword-sharp shears that bled for an hour. I had to finish her hair with a bandage and a rubber glove on one hand.
Life's been rough, but I can already feel a shift.
Reasons why things are better:
*Ya'll have been really supportive and I'm blessed to know you.
*As I was reading my scriptures, I found a verse that gave me the focus and comfort I needed.
*I found out that 3 of my classmates have been feeling the same way as I have and we've been really supportive of each other.
*My friend's haircut/color turned out beautifully and she gave me a big tip, even though I'd nearly mortally wounded myself in the process.
*A girl in the class ahead of me who's been a jerk told me that I do gorgeous work.
*I'm moving into my new place on the 22nd.
*I'm participating in a hairshow in August where all the salons in the valley will be able to see my work and I already have my model. I'm part of the 80's segment and I'm doing a modern version of the flock of seagulls classic.
*It's almost monsoon season, so the air is more humid and there are actually clouds in the sky.

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nama said...

hooray for better days! it makes me happy that you're happy. :)

Bellezza said...

I read your comment after mine from Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. Ii came to visit your blog and am impressed with how you list the positive, which is the only way to face each day. A verse which I was taught as a child, and happened across again today, is: "The Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow and from thy fear." Isaih 14:3 (Don't be anxious about nail salons, or anything else!)

Dilly said...

Glad things are turning for the better. If I lived near you, I would totally trust you with my head and hair, bleeding hand or not!

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