19 January 2007

Russian Roulette

Ok, so you remember that resolution I made to do something brave and new? Well, just my luck, one such situation has presented itself to me. One of my uncles left me a message on Sunday asking me to call him. He sounded serious. My first thought was, “What did I do?”

Maybe he heard I have a swearing problem from my mom, maybe my sister/roommate is complaining about me; maybe he wants me to sing with him… So I called him back on Monday and he asked me how I am, how school, etc is. Again, he sounded serious. He then asked if he could give my number to a guy in his ward.


Stupid me, I thought maybe this guy needed the number to the shelter for a service project. I honestly asked him what for.

My uncle: So he can take you out on a date.
Stunned to silence. Not really. Mostly I had the sudden urge to scream and then laugh. So I was pretty much holding my breath to keep from doing either. I’ve never accepted a blind date before. For good reason mind you…

…awkward pause…

My uncle: So… are you still there? Is that ok?

…awkward pause…

Me: (With a horrified look on my face, good thing he couldn’t see me.) Well, I don’t see why not… I guess so… ok?

…awkward pause…

Mostly I just couldn’t come up with a good excuse because he caught me off-guard.

He proceeded to tell me all the wonderful things he could think of about this guy. He didn’t tell me much. Nothing really about him, only the places he’s been; most recently, Iraq. He’s a marine. That’s cool.

But…my uncle was being so gentle it almost sounded like he was asking for a favor. But I was probably just reading too much into it because my normal response to the blind date scenario is HELL NO, I won’t go!

You see? Again with the swearing.
I definitely swore silently, but… well, I agreed to go.

Because I love my uncle.

I wouldn’t do it for anyone else. Keep that in mind. So some strange guy is going to call me sometime this year and ask me to go heaven-only-knows where with him and it could be a disaster, or he might be perfect. Russian roulette, my favorite. I’m hoping for perfect. But deep down I know that I always get the broken ones. Fingers crossed…


Stuart said...

Hope you don't mind me bursting in on your blog here. But I would just like to ask that you give your uncle a big "HOORAH!" from me.

I just got done telling some civilian folk boot camp stories (I got kicked out just before graduation, so thems the only stories I got.)

As for the blind date. Mmm.. I hope you have a trustworthy uncle! Be sure to tell the story of your blind date. I have a feeling it will be fascinating.

nama said...

aww...i get the broken ones, too, nessa. i know the feeling.

but i hope this blind date isn't traumatic and that you have fun lookin' foxy, because, shoot, i know you will.

kat said...

i don't blind* date.

*you could take this word out of the sentence and it would still be valid.

i'm okay with it.

matt said...

i didnt know they let blind people into the marines. cool.
(im sorry, i just had to say it)

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