13 January 2007

This is for all the beautiful girls...

One of my sisters found this great website that reviews all of the "natural" beauty products out there and gives the complete low down. If you're interested in beauty and health and conservation, check out www.saffronrouge.com.

I no longer have an enormous stash of miscellaneous makeup and will not purchase any beauty products unless I've researched them. As a result I'm purchasing less products and the products I choose are more effective, better for my skin, my health, and the planet. My skin is happier than ever. Some of the products cost more than I'm used to, but since I'm purchasing less and getting more use out of it, it's definitely worth it. As I try new products, I'll post my own reviews for you... Stay tuned!

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Beth said...

If we're talking skincare here, I have one name for you. Liz Earle. Its the absolute best skincare range I've ever used and its got all sorts of natural things, plant extracts etc in it.


I don't think its all that cheap to ship to the US, but its worth every penny.

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