23 February 2007


I know A Woman.

A Woman endured abuse from the time she was small.
(When all you know is abuse, it is only natural to marry an abuser.)

A Woman sought shelter with her child.

A Woman was a quiet shadow - a church mouse.

A Woman was full of apologies.

A Woman’s eyes were filled with pain.

A Woman’s body was tense with self protection.

A Woman was unsure.

A Woman was afraid.

A Woman was apologetic. I'm so sorry, so very sorry.

A Woman had done nothing wrong.

Months passed.

A Woman kept her head and eyes down.

A Woman shed painful tears.

A Woman felt fear as tangible as her bruises.

A Woman received encouragement.

A Woman’s self doubt was suffocating.

A Woman allowed others to plant seeds for her and trusted they would grow.

A Woman steadily, steadily grew.

A Woman slowly lifted her head, but not her eyes.

A Woman accepted praise, (but only a little).

A Woman trusted the safety and intention of her environment.

A Woman breathed deeply.

A Woman accomplished her goals.

A Woman lifted her eyes.


A Woman met my gaze, (and my heart nearly burst with pride).

A Woman has slowly come back to herself, (and maybe found herself for the first time).

A Woman’s eyes no longer search the faces around her anticipating cruelty.

A Woman no longer speaks of the man she feared in whispers.

A Woman faces a custody battle.

A Woman fights a war for the child she loves and the Woman she has become.

A Woman returned from a preliminary hearing. “He did a character assassination.”

I anticipated a look of fear and ready tears.

A Woman met my eye and smiled. “I don’t think the judge likes him very much.”

A Woman pointed out the flaws and weaknesses in him that she had been blind to before.

A Woman Laughed at his ridiculousness.

A Woman Laughed I tell you!

Heaven be Praised!

I laughed with her.

My soul sang a hearty Hallelujah.

The verdict is not in.

But A Woman has won.

She has won.

I weep happy tears.

These victories are hard earned and too few.

A Woman will never return.

And that is A Woman’s greatest Victory.


Jon said...

That's a good story.

Nessa said...

I can't tell you the verdict, but I will say that it was even better than anticipated.

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