28 March 2007


So... I was holding Cheeks... and my sister Mojo pulled out the camera and told us both to smile. We both looked at the camera and Cheeks yelled, "Cheeee!" When I looked at the photo, I saw that Cheeks was checking to make sure I was smiling. I LOVE this photo. So, we decided to take another one and the same thing happened all over, except my sis had the super-zoom on or something . This kid is irresistable.

Yesterday he stood in my bathtub singing, "La la la, LAAAA!" to the tune of Beethoven's 5th while turning the water on and off. I told you the kid is a genius.

On another note, I gave my adorable brother, Nate, a haircut last week and then snapped some photos of him. Just thought I'd share.

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Nama said...

so adorable! he obviously got that from you . :)

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