11 March 2007

Slow Down!

Can I just tell ya'll that the greatest way to wake up is by having an 18 month old baby bury his little face in your cheek, kiss you and say, "Hi, Ah-Loo." Yes, Cheeks calls me "Ah-Loo." And he's talking so much! Look at him, he's so big! Remember when he looked like this? He loves to run and sing and read books. He always gets the biggest book he can find off the bookshelf - and I'm talking ones that weigh as much as he does - and he'll sit and look through the whole thing, even if there aren't any pictures. I'm convinced he's gonna grow up to be a literary genius. I tried to teach him to sing "This Little Light of Mine" last night because I taught Boodji when he was just a little bit older than this, but Cheeks just wanted me to sing it to him, he prefers "Baa Baa Black Sheep." I'm crazy about this kid.
...And speaking of Boodji --- he just turned four! He's funny and articulate and loves everything pirate (the picture is of him imitating captain hook). My nephews and nieces are growing up so fast! Slow Down!

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Em said...

Too cute! :)

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