29 April 2007

Adventures in bad mascara.

Here's a quick review:

Mascara from Rachel Perry is crap. It smudges and generally gets all over the place. I've been wearing mascara since I was 14. That's nearly 13 years. I'm reasonably good at it by now. I hope. This stuff is so messy that I somehow managed to get it on my forehead. Seriously. That's never happened before. And by the time I'd made it to church today, it had migrated under my eyes and I looked a little piratey. I fixed it before I went inside though. Don't buy it. It's crap.

I used to be a fan of Revlon Fabulash. I haven't used any in a year or more, but I went and picked some up early last week because I needed waterproof mascara in a pinch with all that was going on. Well, it's waterproof, but it flakes like crazy. It flaked so much that it caused eye irritation and my eyelids got swollen and puffy. It's crap. Don't buy it.

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