08 April 2007

A review of sorts

Here is my life since Thursday:

Thursday: I took care of my sick nephew all day. The day consisted of lots of walks in the stroller, crying, baby Tylenol, antibiotics, juice boxes, pb&j, cuddling, diapers, stories, singing, applesauce on my carpet, and a huge mess to clean up after he left.

Friday: I went shopping and bought myself some much needed pick-me-up clothing (3 pencil skirts, gorgeous cream colored linen trousers, and 2 blouses) and put together a fantastic Easter ensemble. I met my cousin, Brandon, at the mall and helped him shop. I also hung out with Brandon and a friend of his until the wee hours. We hunted down two parties (the first one looked questionable and it took us an hour to find the other), we crashed one date (the girl requested rescuing), and we learned that the Rain Forest Cafe does not have good food and that it's ok to say no to crazy bus drivers looking for love. We did a whole lot of nothing, but had a blast doing it.

Saturday: I slept in due to a hang-over caused by disgusting food and 15-too-many U-turns. I went hiking with my sibs, Reb and Dewey, in the mountains at the wrong time of day and got a sunburn and a good workout. It was really beautiful so it was well worth it and we're going again next week to try a different trail - but we're going in the early morning. Afterwards I lay under the fan in my apartment with my sibs eating "Giant Hamburgers" and watching Nicholas Nickleby. I went to bed early!

Sunday: I had a beautiful Easter! The weather was perfect, church was wonderful, and I had dinner with my family. My ensemble received rave reviews and the day couldn't have been better. Well... some of what made it so great was that while I waited for a friend who was coming over for dinner with my family, a nice young gent in my ward chatted me up for close to an hour. He's charming and cute and had somewhere else to be, but chose to stay with me. I love Spring crushes. He's number five on the Spring crush list, but if he calls me this week like I expect, he'll cruise to first place.

Life is good.


Beth said...

Its funny you should say that about the Rainforest Cafe - the food in the one in London is pretty un-spectacular. Way overpriced and the whole time I was there I was thinking "There's a place just around the corner where I could be eating better and for less.."

Glad you had a great Easter!

Nama said...

i love you and your life!

and i'm so happy that we got to chat for a little bit yesterday!

Penny. said...

That weekend sounds diverse and perfect. A whole lot of love and fun and adventure and relaxation, by the sounds of it.

Happy to read you, today!

kat said...

i love pick-me-up clothes shopping.

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