31 May 2007


I'm mostly moved into my new place. I love living in a house full of friends instead of a cramped apartment with my bossy sister... and having a washer and dryer.
I'm applying for a new position tomorrow... (new position = travel money) ...I'll let you know how it goes.
I'm no longer out of mineral makeup or mascara - thanks to Whole Foods and M.A.C.
My hair is healthy and shiny - and I have a hair appointment with a stylist who is supposedly a master with curls. I'm ready for a drastic change... for real this time! I mean it. Maybe.
I recently overhauled my wardrobe. It's full of saucy pencil skirts in various textures and patterns, wide-legged trousers, bright colors and belted blouses. I've been mixing contrasting colors with gorgeous results.
My library books have all finally been returned -mostly because the fines were getting ridiculous, not because I wanted to return the books.
I sang in my mother's ward on Mother's Day. It went fine.
My birthday was great, see previous post.
I don't want a puppy anymore. My sister just got one. She's a pain. But really really cute. If I'm gonna get something that needs that much attention and money and pees on the floor, I'm gonna get a kid.


kat said...

i'm totally crushing on you right now.
just thought you should know.

Nama said...

i love you, nessa.

and i've been experimenting with contrasting/crazy-combinations-of colors, too. my latest favorite has been coral and lime green. and adding a sky-ish blue into the mix makes it totally awesome, too.

Leah Vanessa said...

Cranberry and turquoise = Hotness.

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