30 June 2007

No pics yet...

...And I'm not really in the mood to tie up the loose ends I left hanging either. I'm still employed at the same place, in my original position - and my crush isn't so legitimate anymore. I just really really don't like games. We're both too old for them. Call me or don't, flirt with me or don't, but enough with the games. No more guessing please.

I was in a kind if stressed out and high drama place with that last post and now I've chilled out significantly.

I LOVE my new place. My roommates are really great and everything is really laid back.

What to blog about? I'm feeling rather boring today...

I think you should know that I really like hot-dogs. Really a lot. I could eat them every day. Sometimes I do. I try various organic brands all the time and think I've finally found the most delicious ones. I buy them at Trader Joe's.

I love sushi. It's delicious.

Um... I'm also obsessed with stationary. Beautiful, interesting, unique stationary. I collect it... and yet I send emails. Yesterday I bought three new sets of gorgeous note cards.

I have more than a dozen random notebooks and they all have thoughts, poems, and writings thrown in with old shopping lists and even old homework assignments. I always date them. I should really put them all in one place. I started reading through some of them and there's some really good stuff in there.

Martha Stewart Weddings is my favorite magazine. I collect those too. They've come in handy numerous times while helping friends plan their weddings. My mom and I looked at some today and discussed my wedding that is never going to happen. I don't want a wedding cake - I really don't like cake all that much - unless it's my great Uncle Woodrow's pound-cake recipe. That stuff should be illegal. My mother finds this decision appalling. I find most frosting appalling. Wedding cakes are a waste of cash. I'm having key-lime pie. And you are making it for me.

Every time I move, I find dozens of bobby pins in various places (under the bed, on the closet floor, in the bottom of every single box I unpack, etc.). I always carry bobby pins in my wallet for emergencies.

I almost chopped my hair really really short myself the other night as I was feeling brave, but I thought better of it - only because I can't do the back very well by myself.

I started pulling shoes out of my closet this week and trying them on - I found that most of the "tall" shoes I wore when I was in Provo now seem low-heeled and easy to walk in. I've got some fierce new shoes.

I'm going to try to visit Utah in August or September... I'll keep you posted. If you buy me a plane ticket, I'll come tomorrow.

The End........

p.s. This is my 400th post!

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