16 June 2007

Quick post...

I really miss blogging. And yes, I will post a pic sometime... but life is remarkably crazy and I don't have Internet at my new place just yet. I'm currently looking for a new job - I'll explain later - and I'm now in the RS Presidency (Counselor over Visiting Teaching and Compassionate Service) and have been as busy as a sister missionary checking up on the sisters in the ward. I like being busy, but I haven't found my rhythm just yet. I'm still adjusting to my new place + longer commute, my new calling and the decision to leave my current job even though I'm loathe to do it. Loathe may not be a strong enough word. I've cried myself to sleep twice this week because I'm so heartbroken about leaving this place and intimidated by the prospect of finding a new job that I may not love quite as much. I'll tell you the whole story when I've got a little more time. I'm getting to know more people in my ward and have a legitimate crush. I'll also update you on this when I've got more time! I hope everyone is well!

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kat said...

blogging really misses you.

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