26 July 2007

Good News

So... I really am going to post some great stuff soon.... I hope. I don't hope it's great (I know it is), I hope it's soon. I have some great stuff on eating disorders and parenting and miscellaneous nonsense. Life is good and busy, I got promoted to the position of "Children's Specialist." I'm now part of the Admin team at the shelter and will be part of the on-call rotation starting in about 2 months. Basically to answer random questions at all hours of the night. The good news is that I'm making more money, doing work I LOVE with people I love and life is good. Starting next week, I'll be teaching the weekly parenting class and all of the various children's groups. I'm really excited. I've done a good bit of this for the past 2.5 years, but now my responsibilities are greater as well as my opportunity to help my clients. Whoopee! Oh yes, my Ritzy is moving here this weekend! That's the best part. I'll try really hard to get my good posts up this weekend and do some more work on my template.


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