25 October 2007

still breathing

Oh how I miss blogging... and having something interesting to say... or at least believing I have something interesting to say. I haven't blogged about my Grandmama they way I blogged about Tiffanie because this new loss is much deeper and more personal. I'm dealing with it differently. I promise you that I'm coming back to blog before too long. I think I used to be funny... or at least that my attempts at being funny were funny. Eventually you will have something fantastic to read. But for now I've got to get back to not grocery shopping, not picking up my clean clothes off the floor (somehow the dirty ones always end up in the right place), not washing my dirty car, and not reading my mail. I did miraculously manage to do my laundry and my ironing last night so I didn't look like a vagabond at the Domestic Violence Awareness Conference at a Community College this morning. And I held a successful and productive Parenting Group this evening. And I got to the bottom of a sticky situation and am prepared for my meeting with a rogue and irresponsible CPS case worker in the morning. But now it's time for bed.

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