19 November 2007

Knitters R Cool Knitters Rule I Heart Knitting

Okay, knitting is GREAT. I really like it. I have one class left and then I will have learned all the basics. My mom asked me what I want for Christmas and I told her more bamboo knitting needles and beautiful yarn.

So, down to business: Ann-Marie, knitting is fantastic; Jon, yes I will teach you knit when we're married, but only if you put out; and Kat, dear Kat, I will start knitting you a man right away.

Things are going alright around here. I miss my friends. A LOT. Work is good, love-life is non-existent except for my top secret long distance love affair with Jonathan Harmon, hair is so-so, skin is Gorgeous if I do say so myself.

In need of a manicure, pedicure, haircut, windfall, man, car wash, and a man. Oh? Did I mention I need want a man?

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving because I really like my extended family. Personally, I don't really like Thanksgiving food. Never have. I really don't like mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, or even turkey. But I am all about pie. Especially pumpkin. If it was up to me, we'd serve sushi, especially delicious eel and lots of pie.

Speaking of family, I'm going back to writing on my other blog (in addition to this one). Mostly because my dear friend Julie taught me an important lesson recently, that just because you've forgiven someone doesn't mean you've healed from the hurts. The other blog is very therapeutic for me. I won't post any links to it from this site, so if you're interested in reading the depths of my soul, drop me a line and I'll send you the link.


Spliz said...

you should put up pictures of your finished products.
also, I like the new template, it's much easier for me to read.

kat said...


Beth said...

I'm loving the new template! Fabulous colours.

As for the knitting thing...I'm glad you're enjoying it. I kind of like to buy things ready knitted. I'm lazy and it suits me better.

Would I be able to have the link to the other blog? Until now, I didn't even know you *had* another blog!!

Kayla said...

Love the new Nessa blog, more you I think. I love it that I have another knitting friend. I gave myself knitting several Christmases ago. It consisted of me and a "teach yourself to knit" book and a lot of angry words. So basically like any other Christmas.

Leah said...

Spliz, I'm in the market for a camera, so I should be able to put up some of my very simple beginners work soon.

Kat, I pretty much adore you.

Beth, yes! I'll email you the link.

Kayla, I love that you knit! We should have a knitting party or something.

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