15 December 2007

My Christmas Miracle

My mom called me today and told me that my sister in-law, B, gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy early this morning. His name is Jonathan (middle name has yet to be decided). He weighs 6lbs, 8oz and is 20 inches long. Hooray for B and J! Hooray for babies!!

Babies in and of themselves are miracles. Little Jonathan is the 7
th baby born to B and my brother, J. 7 babies are 7 miracles. Seriously, B is Superwoman. Of the grandchildren, Jonathan is the 7th boy and the 10th grandchild.

My mother told me the conditions of his birth and since my mother is somewhat prone to exaggeration and occasionally mixing up the facts... I cannot vouch for its accuracy. This is essence of the story that I was told:

B woke up in the night and told J she thought she was in the beginning stages of labor and that she felt like she needed to use the bathroom. J, who has been through 6 labors and deliveries with B, somehow deduced that she was transitioning and not in the beginning stages like she thought. B's best friend is also named B. We'll call her B2. She is a midwife. She just so happened to be sleeping in their guest room as she had recently arrived in Nashville to help B have her baby... in a hospital. J woke B2 up to investigate the situation and by the time they had returned to the bedroom, the baby was crowning. B2 was able to deliver Jonathan safely, including removing the umbilical cord from around his neck and regulating his low body temperature. B and Jonathan are now at the hospital where they have been thoroughly examined and both are very healthy and happy. Hooray for midwives. Moral of the story? Make friends with a midwife. She just may save your life on a cold winter's night.

See? A Christmas Miracle.

The End.


Mags said...

HOLY SMOKES! I've never even considered having a mid-wife, but it's sounding like a pretty good idea right now. And 7 kids??? 7!

Becky is definitely super woman.

kat said...

you're right, that was a christmas miracle.

when i go into labor, all i want is a morphine drip.

EJNielsen said...

Porter!! I miss you tons! So glad to find you again! WOW 7 children?! Glad things turned out ok. Love ya! Hsu

Katie said...

Ahh! Pookie! I can not believe I am finally in touch with you! Do you know how many times I have thought about you! Tons! I love your blog, you are so fun! So glad things are good. Love you!!

Em said...

Wow! So great mom and baby are doing great. And you're the best auntie... AGAIN! :)

Jon said...

I'm so glad he was named after me!

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