24 December 2007

My Christmas Un-Miracle... Bah Humbug!

Adventures of Last Week

Sunday and Monday: Uneventful

Tuesday: I rolled my right ankle/foot while taking out the trash at work and my foot swelled up and I spent 4 hours at the hospital waiting, waiting, getting a soft cast, waiting, getting an x-ray, and waiting. I stayed at my mom's that night as I have stairs at my house and ended up sharing a bed with my mother and Boodji and Cheeks and it wasn't pleasant in the least. Truly. The boys kick and my mom snores.

Wednesday: Returned to the doctor to learn that my foot was not broken, but seriously sprained and that I could not put any weight on it and had to keep it elevated. Was told that I might get a walking boot on Friday. Got a tetanus shot since I thoroughly abraded my left knee.

Thursday: Spent the day with my foot up and having an adverse reaction to my tetanus shot. (lethargy, pain, and the injection site swelled up and got hot and hard.)

Friday: Went back to the clinic where I was seen by a third doctor (it was a new one every time and I had to re-explain everything to each one). The office is completely lacking in adequate medical supplies and they didn't have any walking boots or anything else like it. I was given a prescription for a walking boot and sent over to another facility get fitted and was given an enormous and heavy boot- although I was still instructed to stay off my foot. Oh and did I mention that my pregnant sister had to chauffeur me around with her naughty little Boodji and Cheeks in tow? Friday I made my family take me home because I was going crazy cooped up in the house with all those people.

Saturday: More of the same. Sitting around knitting and watching TV with my foot up. It's mind-numbingly boring. It took hours for me to get someone in my family to come get me so I could get groceries - but I got to drive around in one of those motorized granny-carts which was cool except that it wouldn't go in reverse.

I now have this big ol' boot that I can walk with for very short amounts of time, but it's really really ridiculously heavy and I'm still not allowed to drive. The good news is that most of the Quasimodo-esque swelling has gone down... now I just have a multi-colored rainbow foot (various shades of purple, green, and yellow) and a hard ball the size of a prize shooter at the injection site of my tetanus shot that will hopefully go away soon. Oh yeah, and some insomnia while I'm complaining.

So I'm not so much in the Christmas spirit.

Bah Humbug!

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