14 January 2008

Rainbow-colored love

When I learned how to knit, I only had one pair of knitting needles. In one size. That's all I needed for my class. I've used these needles to work on the dragon. When I got the pattern for the baby blanket, I bought one set of circular needles and brought my collection up to the grand total of two pairs. For those of you who don't knit, different projects require different sized needles and some patterns call for more than one size. So, as I've recently acquired several fantastic knitting books and have gotten really excited about projects I want to do, I needed to expand my collection. Then I found a website called "Knit Picks." They have some BEAUTIFUL needles and all the various reviews I read online said that they are really great. So I purchased a set - it comes with 9 pairs of needles. And they came today. They really are gorgeous. Much much prettier than any of the pictures. I did a google image search to show you what they look like as I'm still as yet digi-cam free. Here are some of the random photos from the web:


Nama said...

so pretty! now i want to knit!

Mags said...

That really is beautiful! And I've always wanted to learn how to knit. And crochet. I think those two deficiencies are really holding me back.

Eddie the Girl said...

I did some practise knitting once, it's kinda fun, but how do you keep you self doing it? I'll do it a little for like two days and then I am done.

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