07 February 2008

Don't hate. I'm not. Seriously. Maybe a little.

I have something to say. And if it makes you mad, just promise to read it to the end. Because I'm not trying to be a hater, I just really want to make a point.

I'm glad that Mitt Romney resigned his campaign. Not because I hate him or disagree with him or anything else (although some of these things could be true). Because now it will force members of the LDS Church who were voting for him merely because of his religion to look at the issues. We can't jump whenever someone says that they are "conservative" or religious. I wish Huckabee would resign for the same reasons. Listen to me, the extreme Christian right does not respect you. They don't even recognize you as a Christian. Why align yourself with them in the name of conservatism? Okay, I'll admit that the last bit was a bit hater-ish, but true. My point is, please look at the issues individually. Truly.

The End.


Nama said...

amen, nessa!

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

well...the only good thing i see about his resignation, is that now most likely a democrat will win and when the government goes to crap in the next four years, it will be on the head of a democrat, and Romney can run again.....hmmm, maybe now President Bush can declare war before a democrat takes office and pulls out our troops!
That's All. I respect that people feel differently, and that's how I feel!

lepakkomies said...

Well, I'm not glad that Romney resigned, but I definitely agree with your reasoning. People do need to wake up. Most people think McCain's a conservative!

And amen about the conservative right! Would that I hadn't been so foolish as to think that bigotry could be overcome. Along those lines, don't miss this post.

Eddie the Girl said...

politics has been banned at our family functions ..... that is all.

Rach said...

Jon's comment makes me think of the song "I Need to Move" for which Melissa Ethridge won an Oscar on Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth".

And that's another example of bad politics.

But seriously...I hear you, sister. Preach on.

Katie said...

Go Porter! I totally agree that people need to "turn thier brains" on and look at the issues, look at the constituition, hello, does anyone know how far we are from the principles our founding fathers risked their life for?? I agree, we need to individually look at the candidates and not play follow the leader!

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