05 April 2008

Remember that time when I had a blog?

So... it's been a really long time. How'ya doing? Good? Glad to hear it.

Life's good, busier than ever, but quite good. I really like my new job. It's going really well. I've spent the last 6 weeks shadowing the other trainers and learning the tricks of the trade. Thursday morning was my first solo presentation in the community. I spoke to a social work class at a University. I was a little bit nervous before-hand, but not too bad. It went well and my boss gave me really good feedback. Thursday night I participated in Take Back the Night at one of the other campuses (I manned a booth). It was cool. Next week I'm doing an 8 hour training for CPS employees and then I'm participating in a community diversity fair where I'm presenting twice. One workshop on DV 101 and one on Teen Dating Violence. The keynote speaker that day is going to be Ishmael Beah, author of "A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier." I'm excited to hear his story. I really have the coolest job ever.

My foot is doing better. I'm out of the boot and driving, but my foot still hurts and my toe is still swollen and my doctor seems to think that this is somehow okay. I'm going to seek a second opinion.

This basically sums up my life. I need to take pictures of my knitting and post them here. I'll make this my next goal.


Em said...

I'm glad you're rocking your new job. i knew you would!

Nama said...

ah feet. you really don't appreciate them until you can't use them. selfish foot! you need to work!

Katie said...

Sounds like you are doing great with your work! That is awsome! I am so glad you like it. Sure missed seeing you at the reunion.It was fun, small, but fun. You planning to come to Utah anytime soon?

Eddie the Girl said...

Take Back the Night -- love it!!! I volunteered with it one year at BYU.

um I love your job too. can i be like you?

I am sorry about your foot it sounds nasty and icky.

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