21 July 2008

She's finally here and only one week late!

My sister had a baby yesterday.
In my mom's bathtub (on purpose).
I watched.
Homebirth rocks.... so do midwives.

Welcome to the world baby Eve!

Does this look like a woman who has just given birth? This is maybe 30 minutes after. She's Superwoman! The difference in Big Mama when comparing her recovery from hospital births and home birth is night and day.

Proud Daddy. He caught her and cut the cord!

Beautiful Baby Eve.

Here are the proud big brothers with their Grandma giving Evie her first bath. Boodji is taking pics with the iPhone, he's all business.

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kat said...


totally unrelated- my coworker and i have been saying "yo! where my beez at?" non-stop for the last day and half.
your fault.

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