26 August 2008


One of my 43 first cousins got married last weekend, one was married the weekend before, and another one is getting married in November. So far. Wait, did anyone else get married this year? I think another one got married in the spring... oh well. Too many to remember. For reals.
The cousin that was married most recently married a wonderful woman who I like very much. The cousin who was married the week before I am assuming married a wonderful man, but I've never met him. The cousin getting married in November I haven't seen in several years so I hope his betrothed is wonderful, she's pretty, but we all know that's not enough!

Anywho... this post was about to get really really boring as I droned on about my massive family. My family can be crazay... but sometimes I wish they were a little bit crazier and a different brand of crazy. I wish they were "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" crazy, but they're waaaayyy too white-bread suburban and waayyy too Mormon for that. Ok, maybe I am going to drone on. And then I might post some fly self-portraits. 'Cuz that's how I roll.

My brain is rambling right now, so I'm trying to keep this post on track, but it's really hard.......

Really...... hard..... I might have to blog later when my thoughts aren't running all over Hell and half of Georgia.

Ok, so I went to the wedding reception on Friday night and I looked fly. But I didn't take any photos of my outfit, I didn't even remember that I had my camera on me until I was driving home around midnight and I thought it would be a good idea to take some self-portraits on the freeway.

Do I recommend it?

You decide.


Anonymous said...

You are super fly!!! And yes you should recommend it.

Rosander said...

You're classic! Love the picture and you always need a bit of excitement in your life...That's what I think!

Eddie the Girl said...

too funny! and that is a huge family!

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