07 October 2008

Ooohhh.... pretty.

So... today after work I was in the vicinity of my favorite knitting store and decided to go browse the goodness. I picked up skein after skein of beautiful yarn in rich fall colors and put them in my little basket. I walked around the store taking everything in and wondering if they were hiring and could pay me lots of money. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work out. I controlled myself and put the beautiful yarn back on the shelf... but I did buy another knitting book. I couldn't resist it.

Knitted Toys: 25 Fresh and Fabulous Designs by: Zoe Mellor.

Here are some photos of the patterns in this book. I can hardly wait to make some of them!!


Em said...

So cute! Even cuter than what I imagined when you were telling me about them. The elephant is super cute!

Eddie the Girl said...

I am totally in love with ALL of them!!! maybe I'll learn to knitt just so I can make those. I love it I love it!

Nama said...

you should give these a whirl:


soft and educational.

brittani c. said...

I love that you have such a passion for knitting...that is something I will take up one day. For now, I know a few things on crocheting and that's about it. :)

The Stevens said...

Haven't seen your blog in a while (I've been out of town) you kill me! You are so funny, I love your comments and ramblings. So how much would you charge to make me some of these lovely animals?

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