26 November 2008

So... I didn't get everything done on my list last week. Such is life. I did go to the mountains and it was beautiful! I took a handful of photos, but I kept forgetting my camera when my mom and I went for walks. I'll post them when I get my camera cord back from my brother. My mom wanted to go to every single antique shop and boutique in town so we did that quite a bit. It was a nice mellow weekend. I knitted a hat for my new niece that's waaay too big and my mom crocheted a border on a fleece blanket for her. I'm going to redo the hat. I'll check my gauge first next time. I finally found a nice girl to take my lease and will be out by the 30th. I'm moving things over slowly but surely; I've put a lot of my shifting on hold and have been helping my mom get ready for Thanksgiving. There will be 21 people tucked into her pretty little house and she works full-time so my unemployment has actually been coming in handy. She gave me a to-do list and I've been running all her errands for her. I took my three year old nephew, Cheeks, with me to the big produce market and he was so cute helping me pick out all the Thanksgiving veggies. He counted the pears for me, picked out the carrots and the celery all by himself, inspected the broccoli, and loved putting everything in the cart. At the end, I told him he could pick out a treat and he walked along the shelves full of homemade candy with his little hands behind his back going, "Hmmm... hmmm?" So cute. The little sweetie finally picked a bag of candy that he could share with his brother. I would've taken pictures of him with all those greens but the place was SWARMING with people and he didn't want to ride in the cart so I had to stay on my toes to make sure he didn't get run over. I have to say, living in a place where a lot of elderly people come for the winter is dangerous. I really do like elderly people, but I have encountered some of the meanest old people here. As soon as the temperature changes everywhere else, the roads become death-traps here. The owner of the produce market was killed in a hit and run by an elderly person in the parking lot of his store a few years back. Just because you're at your winter condo doesn't mean you can stop being civilized. I was irritated that so many old people scowled at the little darling I had with me instead of smiling. Old stinkers.

So... remember how I'm unemployed? Yeah. Since the economy is in a craptacular state, I haven't had a single call back from any of the places where I've applied. Pray for me! Trolling the internet for jobs and watching Lifetime Movies is getting OLD.

So... you know how I don't set New Year's resolutions? I'm not going to again. Mwah ha ha!! I'm not. But I am going to start a photo project in January. I'm going to call it "Person of the Week." It's going to force me to socialize with people who aren't my family. My family is great, but hanging out with them all the time is too easy. Every week I'll post the photo of someone who either did something great, was really quirky, made me laugh, made me grouchy, or just looked supa-fly/crazy, etc. They can be the "Person of the Week" for any reason I come up with. I was going to start a "Man of the Week" segment and post a photo of me with a new man every week, but I decided that would be too much work. And that it might lead to a recurrence of bad habits. I started to get flashbacks of my days in Provo and my roommate having a little talk with me that went something like this:
Ritz: So, I've noticed you've been doing a lot of cuddling this week.
Me: Indeed.
Ritz: Like every day this week.
Me: Yup.
Ritz: There have been five different guys here this week.
Me: That's how I roll.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Let's not go back there, okay? Thanks. I do need to get back out there and date again, but no one needs be involved in the kind of serial lovin' I had going on back in the day. As soon as I find a man with hair as shiny as Elvis, I'll send you a wedding invitation.


Ann-Marie said...

I would like you be your "person of the week" the week of January 12-17. I guess you'll just have to come see me in St. George that weekend :)

Eddie the Girl said...

"My family is great, but hanging out with them all the time is too easy." I SOOOOOO know this.

but isn't it family first?
I dunno, I've been wondering about this my self. maybe it's different when you are married vs. when you are single though? in other words "it's ok for my to just hang out with my family becuase I am married now. right?" eeerrrr... maybe I'll put a limit on it. "we will only have dinner on sunday at the Bean's once a month and we will try to invite someone from the ward over for dinner once a month." hmmmmmm

Nessa said...

You're right Eddie, family is first. The problem is that I'm not reaching outside of my family circle to find new friends or to supplement my social life in any way. Not good. I really do adore spending time with my family, but my social life is basically non-existent right now. Something has to change.

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