05 December 2008


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, mine was grand.
As promised, here are some photos.
First, my favorite photos from my trip to the mountains:

I really wanted to lay at the base of these trees and shoot upward to make them look even taller, but they were in someone's yard so I just crouched as low as I could without alarming the neighbors.
Oh Thanksgiving! My adorable little cousins ran around with my adorable little nephews and my cousin below, S, claims to have never climbed a tree before. She looks pretty practiced in the grapefruit tree to me.
Boodji was thrilled to finally be tall enough to reach the "big kid" branch and hang from it by himself.

We found a lower branch for the little one. I told the kids that I would only help them down from branches they could get onto themselves. If it was too high for them too reach, they'd have to grow a few inches and come back!
This is from the day after, Boodji lost his first tooth while eating breakfast and didn't even notice until Nina asked him where it was. He's going to write the Tooth Fairy a letter letting her know that she may have to check the toilet to find his tooth! He did his own hair by the way.
Lemon picking in Nina's yard. He looks like Peter Pan to me.
Baby E has gotten so big! She's four months now and LOVES to be outside.
The bestest big brother.
Baby E loves her Uncle Shiny!


Em said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family. Looks like you had a great trip!

Eddie the Girl said...

love the bare tree pic very fun! and it's discusting that you pic fruit in dec.

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