30 January 2009


Some of you know how much I love THIS website. It's hilarious and fantastic and I've loved it for years. I love it even more now, for introducing me to the full blown crazy that is Bai Ling's blog. Sometimes billed as Ling Bai - I don't know which is correct - I only know that her specific brand of crazy is making my whole week. Seriously, her blog is just so crazytastic I can hardly contain myself. I read it out loud because it's better that way.


Anonymous said...

Girl, that made me so happy.

Leah Vanessa said...

Oh Kayla, I knew it would. "I seduce you with the distance only on the other side of the computer..."

Beth said...

Wow. So much crazyness, so little blog.

You'd think as an actress she'd be beyond taking pictures of herself with her phone camera. I work with a girl who does that - but we're office workers, what else do we have to do?

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