31 January 2009

Some pursuits of late...

Considering finishing this poor pathetic knitted dragon.

Knitting Valentines.
Finally photographing this baby blanket I finished months ago.
Hooking my nephew up with a sweet hair cut.
Chillin' with my nephews and my brother.

Being a cat warden for this little piece of work.
Ritz and I gave this cat to my mom last fall. My mom LOVES Halloween like no one I have ever met and was so happy that this cat is "Halloween colors" that she promptly named her Bella...  after the Twilight books. I cringed and proceeded to tease her relentlessly. So she changed her name to Bela. As in Bela Lugosi. As in Dracula circa 1931. I can totally get behind that. She was spayed this week. She's naturally insanely hyper and seemed clueless that she was in a delicate condition - the cat morphine didn't help - it made her oblivious to the pain. Basically I had to make sure she didn't harm her incision while she behaved like a flying squirrel all over the house. She's feeling much better now. 


Kayla said...

The blanket is lovely, as is the haircut. Thank you for talking your mother out of BELLA. As a high school teacher I feel I am constantly telling my girl students that Edwards behavior is not romantic, it is creepy and to get a restraining order on any boy who watches outside you bedroom as you sleep. However, Bela is beautiful.

P.S. I felt your seduction

Leah Vanessa said...

THANK YOU!!!! My mom kept going on about how romantic they were so I read them. Yeah, all of them. It was soooo painful. I've provided so much education about healthy relationships in the last four years and I feel like those books are undoing everything that dating violence educators are working so hard to do! Gah!!! It makes me irritable. Stephanie Myers is an IDIOT.

p.s. "Yes its true this is what I do this is what I do the best to seduce you with the nakedness naked emotion naked heart naked mind and naked confession naked naked soul and naked compassion." -Bai Ling

Em said...

You are a knitting genius!

Also, my cat looks just like Bela and she is a FREAK! I have never met a cat that has gotten into more mischief. Good luck! :) I've also had three different people offer to buy her because she's so beautiful. But I love the Supa Freak.

Nama said...

"...she promptly named her Bella... after the Twilight books. I cringed and proceeded to tease her relentlessly."

right answer.

i see we all have passionately feelings about how much we hate "twilight", so i won't add my rants.

stephanie said...

i would like to point out that you wouldn't have the cat if it weren't for me too!

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