18 June 2009

it's all good

I love that I can vent on my blog. Kinda like how I did in my last post. This post is NOT like that. This post is about happy things.

My health has improved. Naturopathic docs are AMAZING. Instead of getting a surgical consult like I was told, I made an appointment with my sister's naturopathic physician. She put me on a special diet and gave me supplements and a special herb tincture and you know what? It's working. I haven't had any gallbladder attacks and my blood work looked better after just one week. I feel so blessed. We're still taking it a day at a time and there is still a chance that I could need surgery, but it's less and less likely every day.

I'm making ends meet and have some maybe potential job prospects. Things are okay.

So far, nobody is hurt. Everything is not completely resolved and I don't know that it ever will be, but I'm okay with it. I processed it and moved on.

And last but not least...
I'm in a relationship with an adorable man. Truly. He's great. We've been keeping it on the down-low, but I'm over all that. Aren't we cute? Even though these were taken at 2am after a really long day and we're both crazy-tired... and we couldn't get our faces in sync very often? For reals... we're so adorable sometimes I can't even stand us. Hee hee. Yeah right. I can't get enough.


The Stevens said...

He is very adorable! What is his name and how did you meet him and etc. What's all the jazz about getting over something? Is every thing all right? I am super glad to hear that your health is getting better!

Johnson-n-Johnson said...

Girl, ABSOLUTELY adorable! You look gorgeous...those eyes! And, I'm guessing you are having to get over the fact that he is a republican...heehee! just teasing. love you.

Anonymous said...

You're So ADORABLE, I just can't stand it.

Leah Vanessa said...

Melissa, his name is Garrett and my good friend Steph is in his ward... so she is to be thanked for bringing us together. I'll blog more about it later... and everything is alright.
Brandi, thank you! He won't talk politics with me so I don't know and I don't care! Ha ha!
Kayla, thank you, I feel exactly the same way!

Nama said...

Seriously, how do you stand it? Shoot, I can't.

brittani c. said...

Aren't blogs great for venting? I do it all the time. I love the pictures of you and your boy. I like the name Garrett.

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