19 November 2009


I know it's been a little while since I posted and I promised you Halloween photos! I haven't uploaded them yet, but I will... um... soon-ish. Life is great right now. Busy and hectic and wonderful. For those of you who haven't heard, Garrett and I got "officially" ENGAGED on November 8th! Garrett gave me a turquoise ring and proposed in my favorite garden under my favorite tree. I'm happy that Garrett appreciates that I am a strange amalgamation of traditional and unconventional and he just rolls with it. We looked at diamonds - good diamonds - and I found that I just wasn't interested. They seemed so cold and I absolutely would not wear one unless we purchased it through a company involved in the Kimberley Process. Turquoise is my favorite stone and we found the perfect ring. I love it. I love him!

Now we're working on wedding planning and it's really not as fun as we would like. I think it would be easier if we had a little bit more emotional support from family, but such is life. We've dealt with a few big challenges in the past 6 months and we keep joking that the first year of marriage will be a piece of cake for us! We're closer and stronger for it. Garrett is so wonderful and loving and supportive. I am so blessed to have him in my life! We're getting married on March 19, 2010. Right now we're working on our guest list and looking at wedding announcements and getting ready to have engagement photos taken. We already have our reception planned out and just have to figure out how to execute it. We're thinking of scrapping it all and just eloping to the LDS Temple and being done! Yeah right, everyone knows I want to throw a rockin' party. We're trying to keep things very simple and any advice from friends is greatly appreciated! I know this post is ramble-y and probably pretty gushy and obnoxious, but I'm allowed, okay? Okay?

I'm annoying myself now and I'm terrified of becoming this, so I'm going to go get ready for work and I'll blog again when I feel more rational. Hee hee.


Jen Harms Wilson said...

Congratulations! Weddings are so much fun to plan (especially if you are okay playing outside the box).

Good luck with everything!

Ann-Marie said...

Yea! I want to see a picture of your ring please!

Nama said...

Congrats, again! And seriously, we need a picture of this gorgeous ring.

The Stevens said...

Oh congrats!!!! I am so excited for you and I can't wait to see a picture of him. I am glad you are so happy for you!

brittani c. said...

Woooo! A turquoise ring, how beautiful! You need to post a picture of it.

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