15 December 2009


While I was stuck in traffic that literally moved at a snail's pace for 30 minutes, I saw several acts of kindness on what is otherwise a very unfriendly freeway. People drove slowly and cautiously. They paused to let one another move lanes since we all had to merge from six lanes to one. People nodded and smiled at one another and there seemed to be no rushing or rudeness. Several people cleared a path and several more jumped out of their cars to help push when an older vehicle stalled from all the idling. I still don't know the extent of the accident we passed, but I know that 4 fire engines, 4 ambulances, and several police cars usually isn't a good sign. Neither is a slow moving ambulance and a red tarp on the freeway. I prayed for those involved and for their families as I passed. I was touched by the small acts of kindness I witnessed today.


Jena said...

Ohhhh, I like this. A lot. So glad you shared that.

Rach said...

What a feel-good blog post - perfect for reading on Christmas Eve morning!

Nice to hear that road rage hasn't completely won the battle...

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