19 September 2010

Change is in the Air!

I loved my old blog template, but I needed a change. The air and the light are different here now. It's still crazy hot (108+ today), but at least the breezes are cooler. It's actually nice at night too. I can hardly wait for Fall 'cuz it's my favorite! I realize now that I never posted any Halloween photos from last year and it's almost that time again! I'm planning on throwing a costume party again this year. Grit is going to be a Viking and is growing out his very red beard to be ready for it. I haven't decided on a costume yet. Any suggestions?

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Nama said...

I love your template! The background is so lovely and Fall-inspired. Yes, I can't wait for Fall, either!

For Halloween? Uhhh...this isn't at all creative, but 2 years ago I threw on my tweed skirt, textured tights, button down white shirt, pearls, and sexy glasses and was a smary librarian...it worked?

You could always do the classic "your mom".

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