15 September 2010


I'm doing my best to stay focused on enjoying the journey. Life changes so quickly and I used to have this terrible habit of ignoring the moment and focusing on the future in the extreme. Right now I am sitting at a sturdy second hand desk that I've fallen in love with and hope to keep around forever. Pandora is singing me folk songs. My skin still has the faint scent of chlorine from my morning swim although I've showered since. My freckles are popping from the sun and I spent a beautiful lazy morning laughing with my husband. We don't get many of these. He's gone back to work for the afternoon and I'm catching up on blogs and feeling the need to share and communicate. This blog used to be so important to me. My life-line. I keep thinking that I don't have a much time for it now, but I was busy before and I made the time. I'm going to try to make it a priority again. We're both determined not to get bogged down by our daily routine. We are both working hard to make ends meet and I'm hopefully going to begin a second job soon. Grit is working, in school full-time, bikes everywhere he needs to go, and studies so hard. There are days that we're both sound asleep by 9:00pm and days we wish we were. I want to be in this moment. These early days of being newly-wed. Working so hard together so that we can achieve our goals. I love the moments when I catch a glimpse of my husband and his beauty takes my breath away. I picked him up from work yesterday and got butterflies as he was loading his bike into the back of the car. I love having someone to laugh with every single day and am consciously trying to relish each moment, even the disagreements and misunderstandings. It is all so very worthwhile.

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kat said...

i'm the same way, always thinking about what i need to do next instead of staying in the moment. i honestly think blogging is a good way to get yourself to reflect on the good things happening right now, so well done.

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