05 October 2010


Cooking is my new thing. I'm loving it. I've always loved it, I've just never made it a true priority before. Life is just as hectic as ever, but taking the time to prepare meals seems to ground me. Thanks to Nama, I have some new favorite food blogs. I already make most of our food from scratch since I have quite a few allergies and sensitivities. Grit and I have discovered that we have a lot more energy when we avoid prepackaged and processed foods and eat whole foods. Because of my sensitivities, I've had a tendency to just make the same things over and over and now I'm using food blogs to help me branch out. I'm learning more about good substitutions for dairy and corn and wheat. If you have resources for me, I'm open to them! I want to become the Queen Mother of wheat free baking. Wish me luck!

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Nama said...

I'm glad you like the cooking blogs I follow! Cooking is incredibly wonderful, and I love that you're now obsessed with it. :) I hope you have a sexy apron to go along with the obsession.

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