11 August 2011


I was tagged by Jena, so here goes. A random thing about me and a favorite photo...

I'm not afraid of ghosts, just annoyed by them. I've sensed them since I was a kid, but in the past few years I've had one yell at me and one walk through my kitchen. I'm the ghost whisperer-whisperer because there have been a few different occasions when people I didn't know very well confided to me that they see ghosts and didn't know what to do, yet somehow knew that I'd understand. I do understand. I've advised friends and even ghost-busted for them. Betcha didn't expect that one?

Here's one of my favorite photos:

We took this when we were dating and just starting to get serious. It was really late, we'd been goofing off all day, and we were totally bonkers for each other. We still are.

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Jena said...

Holy crap!!!

And I love you two. I gotta meet this guy of yours!

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