18 August 2011


An auction house offered me a whopping $50 for both couches in my living room and the only response I've gotten from my craigslist ad is an email that asked, "Grandma, is that you?" While I find both of these things completely hilarious, I'm SO ready to be rid of these! Honestly, deep down I know they probably aren't worth more than $50 to anyone but my MIL (who had them custom made 20+ YEARS AGO and thinks they're worth a couple grand). I thought I'd at least make enough to buy a slipcover for the couch we're getting from my mom... maybe not.

A work of art in 1992.

Yeah baby, birds and flowers AND fruit. Don't be jealous.

Before you ask, slip-covering these couches is not an option, they are a really odd size and nothing fits. The couch from my mom is a more standard size and we can cover it easily. These smell like musty old goose feathers and I just plain don't want them. I'd give them away, but I'd like to be compensated for the pleasure of having these in my home for a year and a half. They have made decorating so easy (because everything goes with a raisin/green/turquoise/pink blend) and have been wonderful "conversation" pieces.

In trying to rid myself of them, I've done research and spoken to used furniture buyers and this is what you should know: Custom made furniture is nearly impossible to sell. Period. If it's old, but not a true antique, it's worth nothing. You heard right, NOTHING. No one cares that the frame is solid wood or that the cushions are goose down. People willing to buy ugly old furniture that isn't antique are looking for rock bottom deals. No one is willing to take on a 90's Chic pattern like this unless they're desperate or crazy. I've thought about getting rid of them since the day they arrived, but this time I'm serious. They're going to somebody by the end of next week. I'm ready.

I've been looking at decorating blogs and magazines for months and the styles that Grit and I both gravitate to every time is Cottage, Nantucket, and Cape Cod. Probably because we both grew up in coastal areas. Even though we live in the scalding desert, we're going to try to make our little apartment feel more beach cottage.

Our upcoming home decorating projects include:

-The Great Couch Purge of 2011.
-Replacing the fall colored engagement photos on the living room wall with some of the colorful photos we took on our Anniversary this year. (Already ordered! I'm picking them up later today!)
-New lampshade for a pretty antique lamp on loan from my mom.
-Painting our raggedy gray file cabinet a really great beachy blue. We went to Home Depot last night for tools and paint! I love gift cards. Did you know that all Martha Stewart paint is low-VOC now? Hooray! I'll try to remember to post photos when I'm done.
-Painting our 1970's computer desk (still choosing a color) and replacing the handles with enamel knobs.
-Sanding and refinishing various wood furniture we have: antique night table, walnut vanity, goose-neck rocking chair. The rocking chair also needs new upholstery.
-We're also saving up to get some original art. We already have a few pieces in mind!
-I'm also going to try my hand at creating some original art pieces for our home.

Wish me luck!

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Jena said...

This sounds awesome! Post lots of pictures!!

I do love the curve on that couch. I'm sorry you can't get more than $50 for it! But I can't wait to see your coastal design! It's going to look amazing!

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