14 October 2004


Can I just say how annoying it is that I have to be allergic to absolutely everything? I was thinking about this as I was sitting on the toilet for like the 6th time yesterday. Yes, with the badness. What else is new? I was sitting there thinking, "Good thing I just spent 5 bucks on lunch so it can just torture me on the way out in another hour or so." When I got home from work, Ritz was running around trying to get things ready for Nallie's bridal shower and I was thinking about how glad I was that I deep-cleaned the bathroom at 4am last Saturday since I spend so much quality time there. I'm grateful for my BFF, Chris, who makes sure I don't take anything too seriously. When I told him I think it might be the stomach flu this time, he offered to get me some poo-medicine on his way to pick up Spider-Man 2 tickets. What a life saver. I'm just glad he didn't chuck the box of Immodium across the room to me when he stuck his head in the bridal shower to let me know he was back. I could see it in his eye. He really wanted to. Kind of like the time I gave him my keys and before he could complete his thought, I told him not to throw them over the balcony. Funny how I can read his mind. It's great to have a twin.

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The Charming Chimp said...

Anything to mitigate the badness! Cause the whole world is allergic to that.

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