09 October 2004

I'm a Survivor

Today I was supposed to throw an "I'm a Survivor" party. I was throwing it to celebrate the fact that I have been "Jack-ass free" for exactly one year. Yes, on October 9, 2003 I had the heart break of a lifetime. The last couple of days I've looked back on my life for the last year and I have to say I'm pretty doggone proud of myself. After the fated day last year, I was an absolute mess. I cried for like 3 days and didn't eat for a week. It was great. I was a lil' bit bitter and spiteful for a while as is to be expected, but I pulled out of it and became the audacious vixen we all know and love today. Honestly, I stopped putting up with crap and as a consequence have had some interesting and fiercely amusing dating adventures. But on the flipside, I'll probably never get married because sometimes, asking for a bullshit-free man is like asking for no msg at a chinese buffet. But all joking aside, I've developed a much stronger sense of self and have worked really hard at being my most authentic self. It's been a great experience and oftentimes a bumpy road as I try to bring my heart, my mind, my voice and my actions together. My greatest goal is to always be true to myself and true to those around me. The only resolution I made this year was to fall in love as often as possible. It hasn't happened yet, but I look forward to finding love again. It's always worth it. All that I ask is integrity. Be true to yourself and true to me and it'll be all good. I'm grateful for the experiences I've had this year. For falling in love, for my broken heart, for my ability to look back and laugh. Life is good.


Em said...

I love you. And I'm so glad you have a blog. And that you're Jack-ass free. Yay!

Jon said...

Well, gosh, I do my best to be BS-free, but I guess nobody's perfect!

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